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A War Diary
20 X 1 hour

A mega production by Dream Forest . This is a universal story of pain, suffering, brutality and horror. And a story of hope.

A War Diary tells the story of a family surviving the tumultuous years of World War II during the Japanese occupation of Singapore . Through the eyes of the Lim family, we see suffering, anguish, cruelty, betrayal, greed and inconsolable sorrow. We also see hope, compassion, courage, dignity upheld, and the struggle of the human spirit as it rises above the horrors of war.

This epic series is historically faithful from the courage of the Chinese Volunteer Army to the disgrace of the British surrender; from the uncertainty of Sook Ching, to the horror of the Changi Beach Massacre; from the comfort of a happy home to the cruelty of a comfort house. A War Diary brings you life at its most compelling.

This is the story of a woman who loved and bore the child of her Japanese husband only to be fall into the darkest depths of despair as one by one, her children are taken away from her. This is the story of a young Japanese officer who marched into Singapore in victory but left a totally humbled man after he discovers a past that his father has concealed from him. A War Diary is the story of a family and a country. It's about reaching into one's soul and rising above adversity. It's a story of hope.
Tan Kheng Hua , Tay Peng Hui , Jimmy Taenaka , Winston Chao ( Special Guest Star)

Samuel He, Fiona Xie , Carol Lin , Tony Quek


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