When Saburo, the boy Sumarai, descendent of the famed Taira samurai clan, is appointed bodyguard to the Imperial Princess Tanaka, he undertakes a vow to defend the only child of the Emperor with his life, his honor, even unto death itself. But one thing Samurai Boy does not expect is that his vow will take him beyond the shores of the Land of the Rising Sun to those of the Wild West.

Tired of the strict decorum imposed within the imperial family, and the conservative role of females in 19th century patriarchal Japan, the rebellious outspoken Princess Tanaka escapes heavily guarded palace walls to the liberated land of America she has secretly read about in her father’s library. But not before unwittingly packing along the revered Emperor’s imperial seal, the priceless treasure of her nation and mark of her father’s authority as ruler of the Japanese people. Young and restless Saburo, finds himself an unwilling participant in Tanaka’s sojourn to America, along with her other trusted bodyguard Yoko-kun, the imperial champion sumo with a body of bulk, but a soft tender heart.


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